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This course is offered to the truly dedicated seeker of
to the seeker of
That Which Is Beyond Self,
and to the seeker of
The Understanding of The Functioning of the Totality
OVERVIEWNo prior exposure to the Advaita Teachings is required, and no prerequisites are required, to enroll in the course. The course is applicable to all who are interested in Advaita, no matter where they might be on the "path." The seeker will read selected readings and then will be sent by e-mail follow-up questions on the readings. The teacher will review the seeker's responses and then reply. This will allow a seeker who cannot travel to the teacher's location to nevertheless have one-on-one instruction with the Advaitin teacher.

Then the seeker will move to the next set of readings and teachings.

The readings and teaching are presented in an exact order which has been used and tested over time and proven to have guided seekers to Realization.

All fees are payable by credit card or PayPal and are assessed prior to the seeker moving into the next level and prior to sending of the reading material. Fees include the price of the eBooks, the e-mailed lessons/questionnaires, and the responses.

(All materials for the entire course will be emailed to you after receiving payment. As an option, you may buy a paperback version of the four books used as texts in the course - see the option at the bottom of this page. If this educational course / seminar has any relevance to your business, you might be able to deduct the costs. Contact your accountant for information.)


Four "texts" are used in the course:


FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE (A Seven-Step Journey to Reality)

Most of the so-called "Spiritual Masters" addressed at one time or another all of the steps that must be taken to shift from identifying with the false "I" to abiding as the Absolute, yet they did not present or explain the steps in the exact order in which they must be taken if Realization is to happen.

While all of the steps (or "stages" to use Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's term) have been discussed for centuries, this is the first time that the steps have been offered and explained in simple language in the exact order in which the seven steps must be taken in order to move from "the lie of the I" to Full Realization.

Most of the content of this book contains the complete set of transcripts from audio tapings of a series of satsang sessions that guided the participants from step one to Realization. Some have said that by reading the questions from seekers and the immediate responses by floyd (all offered in their original, easy, conversational format), they have felt as if they were present in the room, actively engaged in the satsang along with fellow seekers.

For those who have studied any of the various types of yoga and who have studied either Traditional Advaita Vedanta, Neo-Advaita, Neo-Vedanta, or Pseudo Advaita: the author of this book is a disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj so he uses the Direct Path Method of teaching along with the Nisarga (Natural) Yoga.

Regards on your "journey" to Full Realization.


CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS: The Nature of Reality Beyond Self-Realization
(Peace Every Day When Abiding as the Absolute)

One of the "final frontiers" of the Advaita Teachings is transitioned when the Nature of Reality is understood and when the Advaita Teachings are "applied" on a daily basis even in the absence of any "Applier."

The Final Understanding happens post-Self-Realization, but the nature of Reality cannot be understood until the nature of Consciousness / Awareness is understood. Understanding the Nature of Consciousness allows for abidance in the I AM, but what of THAT Which Is beyond, and that which is beyond the beyond?

Only abidance as the Absolute (and later, the Nothingness) allows for the remainder of the manifestation of Consciousness to happen in Perfect Peace.



An understanding of the pointers offered in this book can allow the advanced seeker to shift even beyond SELF-Realization, even beyond an understanding of Consciousness and Awareness, and to an understanding of that which preceded the Absolute.

The content of this book can, in fact, allow the advanced seeker to truly comprehend the Reality of "no concept," of "no duality," of "no something," and even of "no nothing."

The Advaita Teachings offer an invitation to be free of all concepts, all beliefs, and all ideas in order to be totally free. Yet how many reach that "state," and how many who reach that "state" are able to fixate in that understanding and truly be free and thereby at peace?

This book will offer details of the way that can happen.


Regarding one character in a Michael Connelly novel: "He was long past believing in God - the horrors he had seen documented had, little by little, sapped his stores of faith. In those seemingly final days, as his own heart withered and tapped out its final cadences, he did not grasp desperately for his lost faith as a shield or a means of easing the fear of the unknown. Instead, he was accepting of the end, of his own nothingness. He was ready. It was easy to do."



(a) for the few that are willing to consider that there is far more to grasp after having reached the third, spiritual step (which will only move seekers as far as "the dim light of dawn");

(b) for the few that have even the slightest awareness that the brighter light of the full noonday sun awaits; and

(c) for the few that have some sense that the freedom and peace which come with abandonment of the notion that they are Really Something will allow for the full shift into the no-concept, no-identity, non-dual Reality.

In THE FINAL UNDERSTANDING, the author discusses:

A. The myths of a "Prior Me" and a "Post-Manifestation Me";

B. The myths of "You-ness," "Me-ness," and "Them-ness";

C. Krishna's pointers about that which is beyond the beingness and the non-beingness;

D. Abandonment of "the personal" and "The Personal" and an understanding of Presence instead;

E. The truth of the composite unity (elements, breath, conscious-energy) as opposed to the falsehood of the triad of body-mind-personality;

F. The sixteen shifts in awareness which must happen in a step-wise fashion for misunderstandings to be abandoned and for the final understanding to manifest;

G. The pointers about religion and spirituality that were offered by Maharaj which allow seekers (who are trapped at the third step while playing their "new and improved persona or personas") to move along the entire "path" and then reach the final understanding;

H. A distinction between supernatural, unnatural, and nisarga (natural) living; and much more.

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